Navigating Change Data Capture Tools: A Quest for Excellence

Nnaemezue Obi-Eyisi
2 min readAug 16

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, the question persists: Is there a truly exceptional Change Data Capture (CDC) tool available in today’s market? This query has resonated with me throughout my career, prompting me to explore various CDC solutions. Along the way, I’ve engaged with industry stalwarts such as Microsoft CDC, IBM Infosphere CDC, and Qlik Replicate. While these tools undoubtedly offer valuable features, they reveal inherent limitations when it comes to scalability — a crucial aspect in today’s data-intensive world.

Traditional CDC tools are often architected around on-premises data sources with a focus on centralized processing. However, as data volumes continue to surge, these solutions grapple with scaling issues. Their inability to effectively scale horizontally often translates into performance woes when dealing with substantial data loads.

Recently, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of Debezium — an open-source CDC tool built on the robust foundation of Apache Kafka. Open-source solutions are known for their potential to revolutionize the industry, yet they come with their own set of complexities and maintenance demands. Debezium’s unique appeal lies in its harnessing of Apache Kafka’s distributed streaming capabilities. This positioning offers a glimpse of a potential antidote to the scalability challenges that have plagued other tools.

As we navigate this dynamic landscape, one can’t help but anticipate a future where a CDC solution rises to prominence, armed with cutting-edge features, unwavering robustness, and unparalleled performance. The industry yearns for a transformative player that can seamlessly adapt to the ever-growing demands of modern data environments.

Alternatively, we might witness a paradigm shift in the way applications handle data transfers. A hub-and-spoke model could emerge as a compelling alternative, allowing for online transactions to be instantly available in a data lake for analytical purposes. This model would hinge on the power of real-time streaming frameworks like Kafka, laying the foundation for enhanced agility and responsiveness.

The pursuit of the optimal CDC tool continues, fueled by the collective aspiration of data professionals worldwide. We yearn for solutions that offer streamlined operations, unyielding capabilities, and unmatched performance. The journey ahead is exhilarating, marked by innovation, adaptation, and a steadfast commitment to refining our data management strategies.

As the data landscape evolves, so too will our tools. The relentless pursuit of excellence fuels our journey forward.

Nnaemezue Obi-Eyisi

I am passionate about empowering, educating, and encouraging individuals pursuing a career in data engineering. Currently a Senior Data Engineer at Capgemini